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Iyarkai: A regenerative farmland, nature camp.

Berigai, Tamil Nadu, India



Shoolagiri hills in distant montage, 'Iyarkai' means Mother nature in Tamil. Though Berikai town is technically Hosur district, TN, the culture here is of 3 languages of Tamil, Telugu and Kannada, just 30-40min from sarjapura very simple clear roads leading to our site.
What we love is the dazzling starlit sky our organic agriculture, food, comfy tents, campfires and a time to regenerate amidst pandemic times in cities.
Welcome to Mother nature, welcome to Iyarkai Farm and nature camp.
Fresh farm harvest and meats, leaf cooked and served to your Quechua tents under the tree, a warm campfire and a caretaker cum farmer who takes care of every inch of this 12 acre nature camp defines the space.
We are developing a nature loving, permaculture community who are beginning to invest in a Regenerative Food Forest and an authentic mud house community!

Local Activities And Adventure:

  • No fault finders
  • Avoid hard drugs
  • Avoid aggressive and overly loud behavior
  • Drink responsibly
  • Available: Campfire
  • Available: Stone BBQ
  • Available: Treks
  • Fram experience with animals.
  • Fresh Veggies
  • Stone ground and firewood cooking.
  • 50 min from sarjapura road. 1 hour from HSR.
  • Bring your own towels and toiletries, disposable cups and plates.
  • Tent stay
  • Clean mattresses / sleep bags
  • Neat camping space
  • Electrical connection with charging sockets at tent
  • Games, sport, activities
  • Typical farm with cows chickens, vegetable and fruit harvest


Entire farm with the guidance of the caretaker. Caretaker lives with wife and kids.

House Rules:

  • Covid-19 hygeine protocols: Please wrap up all your food waste and cigarette buts into black covers and dump them in our large bins before checkout.
Concrete Toiletries
No.of guests 4 to 8
Pet friendly Yes
Kitchen No
Village Food Yes, extra
Fridge No
Couches No
Sofa No
Geysers No
Internet Pocket 4G Only
Private Beach No
Extra Mattresses Yes
Soaps and Shampoo No
Towels No
Extra sheets Yes
Sea Front No
Outdoor Shower No

Our Property Location

Berigai, Tamil Nadu, India